Tony Benjamin, Logistics Manager
Tony Benjamin, Logistics Manager Garden Fresh Salsa

I have been working with carriers for nearly 20 years. In that time frame you have a few companies that outshine the others. Maverick is one of those companies. Their dedication to our freight is second to none. They are knowledgeable and honest. When they accept a load you are sure they will take care of it. It is refreshing to know that if there is a problem, they don’t try to justify what went wrong, they just roll up their sleeves and fix it. That dedication helps take a little stress out of this business. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a no nonsense solution to your transportation needs.

Mike Hays, Purchasing & Logistics Manager
Mike Hays, Purchasing & Logistics Manager Dessert Innovations, Atlanta, GA

Derek and his team are very professional and have been great to work with over the last 8 years. I expect a carrier to be dependable, reliable, and competitive and that is what I get with Maverick Transportation. With Maverick Transportation your load will be picked up on-time and delivered on-time. I will continue to use Derek and his team!

Stanley L. O’Bier Sr., President
Stanley L. O’Bier Sr., President Pride of Virginia, Inc.

I am Stanley L. O’Bier Sr., owner of Pride of Virginia, Inc. I can speak for John Willis and Maverick Transportation as being a self-made man with a “good morning” attitude all day long. From the first load he hauled for me in the early 1990’s, John proved to be an experienced driver who took advice and listened well. He is a Christian father and leader in his church and a friend to all in the Pine Mountain, GA area. He has always been willing to be a servant to his community and striving to improve it. Having driver experience and being a family man makes to be a better broker because of the old adage “been there, done that”. He is a broker who cares about the customer and the driver. John Willis is first class. Thanks for all the good loads and loads you delivered.

Sandra Blakely, Director of Fund Raising Hale Indian River Groves

Now that the chaos of our shipping season is over, I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I value doing business with Maverick Transportation. The delivery of our citrus to our customers is the highpoint of a month or more of fervent activity for them. They await it with great anticipation and a high anxiety level. It brings MY anxiety down when I know the truck is in your capable hands. You watch over each truck while it is in route, making sure it keeps a trouble-free schedule. You smooth the way by holding hands with customers (and shippers!) when necessary. And on those rare occasions when a transit problem has bubbled up, you’ve been right there every minute, working hard and creatively to solve the situation and get the product moving again. As we enter our ninth season of doing business together, I’m more at ease in my job, knowing that you are on your toes in yours. Thanks for making my job easier and my stress level lower.

Greg Thomasson Meat Commodities, Inc., Asheville, NC

I have been employed in the meat industry for the past eight years, working as the logistics coordinator for a high-volume trading company. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with many trucking companies. However, my experience over the past two years with Maverick Transportation has been among the best. The week in, week out business that we have conducted with Maverick has been handled very professionally by their friendly and competent staff. They consistently offer competitive rates and outstanding service handling our highly sensitive meat products with care. Maverick Transportation has proven to be reliable, trustworthy, and has handled each load in an honest and ethical fashion. I would suggest that anyone who has an opportunity to work with this organization do so!