Maverick Welcomes New Logistics Intern Tyler Maddox

Posted on Feb 16, 2018

Maverick is excited to welcome our first logistics intern, Tyler Maddox. Tyler is a senior at local Harris County High School studying a graphics concentration.

For Tyler, transportation is a family tradition. When asked about his interest in this internship, he said, “My father is the reason why I want to work in the logistics field. He was a terminal manager for Old Dominion for several years. I grew up going to his terminal and knew I wanted to do something along the lines with trucking.”

That “something” for Tyler turned into a plan to start his own logistics company. This internship is his first step toward that goal; at Maverick, he will be able to observe and learn from industry professionals in an engaging, hands-on environment. Maverick was founded by president John Willis shortly after he graduated from college, and he built it from the ground up into the successful third party logistics broker, making it the perfect place for Tyler to learn all the skills he will need to get his own start in the transportation industry.

What’s next for Tyler?

“My plan is to go to college and study business management at Columbus State University. During college I will be starting my own logistics company. Having my own family logistics company has been the plan for my father and I over the past couple of years.”
For now, he is doing great work here at Maverick, covering a wide variety of tasks ranging from social media management and email optimization to learning the ins and outs of brokerage and load coverage.

Tyler started working with Maverick at the beginning of the year, and he said he has already learned valuable lessons for his future.
“I am interning for Maverick Transportation so I can learn how to book loads, understand the lingo and improve my communication skills. I have been here for only a short month but I’ve already improved my communication skills tremendously and learned how to book loads.”

We are happy to give a warm welcome to Tyler, and we are excited to watch his future in logistics!